Enhancing early learning through your kids' favorite devices

Enhancing early learning through your kids' favorite devices.

Inspire forces kids to answer spaced repetition flashcards to earn time on devices.
Voted Best Mobile App for Children Inspire Flashcards

Voted Best Mobile App for Children


Parents post assignments and allow Inspire to manage time between flashcards.


Children answer flashcards to earn time on smart devices. No matter what entertainment they enjoy.


Correct answers earn time and incorrect responses reduce time between flashcards.

With Inspire,

children earn time.


Parents track progression using graphs. Completed questions display moments after answered.


Grading saves parents time and allows you to remain aware of current studying habits.


Optimize subject aggression to help your child grow in the areas they need most.



Create custom flashcards and inspire at your own pace.


Set playtime and bedtime restrictions or lock out children's entertainment devices with ease.


Send messages directly over your child's entertainment to guarantee delivery.


Create content to help your child study in the areas that require attention.



Control your child's device from the palm of your hand.


With auto-assign parents don't have to remember to assign new work.


Test Prep? Inspire will repeat the same assignments until your child has mastered the flashcards.


Inspire can automatically assign new assignments daily to ensure your child is continuously engaged.


How Inspire Flashcards Work

How to register Inspire Flashcards
Best Flashcard App Inspire Flashcards

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Best Mobile App for Parents Inspire Flashcards
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Inspire by Gamer Parents voted the best flashcard spaced repetition app for kids.

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