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Learning English can be challenging and time consuming for many trying to master this language, especially since over 50% of online content is currently written in English. This alone makes English necessary for all ages. 

Sample Question:
5th grade - Vocabulary

Something done that takes skill or effort:





Sample Question:
3rd grade - Presidents

Who was George Washington's vice president?

Henry Knox
Thomas Jefferson
Henry Clay
John Adams*

Learning History when most individuals live in the present may seem unjustified by looking back into past events, but being one of the most widely accepted subjects makes History an important tool to understand  the past, present and future of people and societies.

Learning Math tends to be easy for some people and difficult for others. It's a known fact that Math is a core skill to obtain in life and has become an increasing problem for young people. We live in a world of rapid change especially due to technologies as well as sciences and learning Math is key to economic prosperity.

Learning Science is practical in order for children to form their own opinions and allows them to obtain problem solving skills early in life. Providing interesting facts on science complements a child's curiosity and evolving minds.


Sample Question:
4th grade - Measurement
Sample Question:
6th grade - Atmosphere

16,800 ft = ? Miles ? Feet

2 miles 825 feet
5 miles 38 feet
3 miles 960 feet*
4 miles 90 feet

The atmosphere is...

Layer in which weather occurs
Layer of gases that surround Earth*
Layer of water in the oceans
Layer that contains the ozone

Sample Question:
7th grade - Vocabulary

Determined and Intense



Learning Reading provides each child a structured path to self improvement. Reading exposes each reader to new things and will boost imagination as well as creativity. Communication is the most important tool gained from learning new definitions for those exposed to reading at an early age.


Inspire flashcards, a spaced repetition app, is an improved method that's valuable and creates many future opportunities for those willing to learn in all subjects.

Creating personalized material provides you a simple yet effective way into teaching your kids things you already know. Guide your child by finding what interests them personally and enrich learning early in life.