Block screen time on devices
Block screen time on iPad
Block screen time on iPhone
Block screen time on iPod
Block screen time on Android
Block screen time on tablet

Inspire parental controls and features

Inspire Parental Controls are the Helping Hands YOU NEED in Today's Tech World.

Easily control children's smart devices from any internet browser!

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How do I limit screen time?
Block playtime on devices
Block playtime on iPad
Block playtime on iPhone
Block playtime on iPod
Block playtime on Android
Block playtime on tablet


Adjust the time your children spend on smart devices.

How do I restrict playtime?



How do I set a bedtime?
Block bedtime on devices
Block bedtime on iPad
Block bedtime on iPhone
Block bedtime on iPod
Block bedtime on Android
Block bedtime on tablet


Enable a bedtime and Inspire ensures the device is not accessible until morning.

How do I set bedtime controls?



How do I block my child's phone?
Limit game time on devices
Limit game time on iPad
Limit game time on iPhone
Limit game time on iPod
Limit game time on Android
Limit game time on tablet


Lockout children's devices during inappropriate times.

How do I block my child's tablet?



How to get my child to answer texts?
Limit screen time on devices
Limit screen time on iPad
Limit screen time on iPhone
Limit screen time on iPod
Limit screen time on Android
Limit screen time on tablet


Send a direct message notification over entertainment

to ensure delivery.

How do I get my child to answer my calls?

How Inspire Parental Controls Work

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Why Inspire?

By placing what children need in front of what they want, Inspire motivates kids to study in order to earn playtime on devices

Personal responsibility
Inspire teaches children that nothing is free and we all have to work in order to earn the things we desire

Peace of mind
Parents can rest easy knowing that a smart device makes their children smarter and more efficient learners

$4.99 Monthly Subscription

Kids spending too much time on technology?

Because Kids Deserve Knowledge Beyond Imagination!