Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Pokemon Go is portrayed as a fun fantastical world but how safe is this newfound Pokemon App?

What can we do to ensure our children are safe?

First let see what some Gamer Parents are asking...

"Can Pokestops allow players to lure my kids into potentially dangerous situations?"

Yes a Lure Module can be used at any Pokestop, this is intended to lure a Pokemon to a group of friends. Some may use this to create unnatural disasters where you could least expect it.

"Adults are playing this app, is this age appropriate?"

We all have a little kid inside of us wanting to come out and play! A virtual scavenger hunt in all the same old places is fun for the masses, while I do believe that Pokemon go was made for kids I see nothing wrong with everyone having some fun and exercise but caution should be exercised.

"A stranger lied to my kid on where a Pokemon was, what should I do?"

Pokemon Go can be downloaded by anyone with a smart phone so trusting a stranger shouldn't change because this new app, it is hard to say no when another person is excited and is lying.

"I think my kids are turning into zombies, what I am going to do when school starts?"

Any game can be enticing for prolonged periods of time & new style gaming can become life consuming especially to the younger crowd.

Using these simple tips can ensure you and your child are working together while enjoying the Pokemon Go app. Happily and Safely!

Talk to your children on the importance of knowing their surroundings, where acceptable places to hunt Pokemon are and are not. Bad situations can happen to good people, not everyone you meet will be sincere, talk to your child on how to handle a stranger approaching.

Adults and children alike are training Pokemon & it seems pretty easy to strike up a conversation about the game, explain to your child that no matter the situation you should never talk to strangers. Travel with a group of family or friends.

Some Gyms & Pokestops are located in respected areas. Educate your child that these areas should be treated with respect! Make a game, learn about each stop to know your town or get to know a new place, talk about the adventure of all the sites that were seen!

Strangers can lie and tell you something is there that isn't. If you do not see the Pokemon on your list it is best to wait to see if the masses find the same Pokemon or wait until you have a group to hunt with. Plus there is no need to rush the experience you will catch them all!

Do NOT approach any vehicle or person, know where your child is hunting Pokemon and provide your own Safe-stops between home and Pokestops, call it a just in case safety-spot.

Mark areas for your child not to go without you present and during the day.

Confetti is used to lure Pokemon faster and should be used in well lit busy area with lots of other players. Potentially dangerous places are not where Pokemon were intended to be caught alone.

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