Pokemon Go Trending

Why is Pokemon Go trending?

How can parents stay on task of keeping kids safe?

Gamer Parents want to help provide a safer way for kids to play!

Our experience of Pokemon Go in two days...

Day One: Saturday, We headed to the first park to see if we can catch them all. To our amazement, so was the rest of the World! First we of course grabbed the rattata and pidgey because we were surrounded! But easy catches for us all...then magic started happening poliwag, phyduck & eevees oh my! We watched as people slowly drove by with a cars full of people shouting and laughing phrases like Gotta catch em all or Team Rocket is Blasting off again, as others in the park chanted back Pokemon Go! Everyone seemed to be enjoying the area more then ever. But soon there wasn't much left for us but weedles, so off to the homestead to evolve our findings.

Day Two: Arrived in our small and quaint historical town of Downtown Willoughby to see Pokestops everywhere and at least 3 gyms within walking distance. Our nightly catches were spectacular with wooing and hooting galore as everyone (150+ people) caught their first growlithe!!! There were some small but rewarding other catches and to our amazement everyone was smiling, chatting and having a great time on a Sunday at 10PM! Businesses were getting customers and everyone was outside with a storm overhead. As we all headed to the square gazebo the whole town lost power but the light was still shining (phones glowing all around) everyone was still enjoying Pokemon Go! On the way to the car we overheard kids saying "we're pulling an all nighter to catch them all". They were serious too. As fun as this newfound game is technology is addicting for any adult let alone children. But we really understand that there has to be a balance between fun and real world experiences (learning or safety), that need to be understood. We are here to help... Read our safety blog for our take on how to protect your family while still enjoying everything smart devices have to offer!

Have fun and Beedrill Safe!

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