The wait is over, Inspire Updated!

Announcing an Elegant New Design of Inspire & the Biggest Update Ever!

Inspire Flashcards

Celebrating 2016 Best App for Children

Our fans spoke, we listened, including two new features and our much anticipated new user interface is now available on our Main web application, our Apple app or visit your nearest app store and search for "Inspire Flashcards"!

Inspires intuitive update allows you to navigate the new interface using four beautiful pages the Landing, Assign, Create and Limits pages, easily located on the left sidebar (PC version) or by selecting the Inspire Logo on the top bar (Mobile version).

After logging in you will arrive on the Landing page where you will find new graphs and optimization tools for each subject at your finger tips. The page is interactive so click around a bit to familiarize yourself. Optimization is no longer tucked away, easily optimize subjects and save your settings right on the Landing page. Our beautiful color coded design throughout Inspire will be a useful reminder for you to remember the subjects you are currently utilizing.

Once a subject is selected a line graph will display each assignment you've posted. Select an assignment and watch as the work is loaded below the graph for an optimum user experience. Providing all the main options right on the landing page will definitely be a time saver.

How to videos coming soon...

Our limits page provides extra features such as Time Allowance, Bed Time Restrictions and a Lock Out option. Once you've set your features just save and Inspire will carry out your wishes. Inspire has two brand new features, simply turn on Auto-Assign to Repeat or Shuffle and allow these amazing features to be utilized

To activate auto assign go to the Create page select a workbook and an assignment, check the box and save. Depending on your setting of Repeat or Shuffle the checked assignment will repeat the last assignment or shuffle through the assignments daily.

Gamer Parents ensures Inspire is an enriching desktop experience for the more structured environment or try the friendly mobile version using any internet browser for anyone on the go.

A special "Thank You" goes out to all the parents and educators, family and friends for your support & involvement with Inspire, we will keep on listening and look forward to providing you the best customer experience!

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