Back to School

Back to School

Inspire is the new way to study!

Summer break is quickly approaching it's end and the list of exhausting tasks is piling up. Shopping for supplies, clothes and shoes or attending orientation and meet the teacher night. What if this bundle of tasks could complete themselves? A perfect gift in a perfect world. Even though we can't go shopping or attend school itineraries for you, we can help simplify your back to school life!

Do you have a child stuck in summer mode? Do you have a child that is a study guru?

Inspire will put any child ahead of the rest!

Do you have a child struggling in reading, math or any other subject? Inspire provides parents simple tools to deliver quality information right to your child's device.

Is your school providing a tablet for books? Inspire is the most effective way to ensure learning is happening on devices.

Children who enjoy studying can also create their own questions to help themselves and/or others.

Get back into a normal routine using Inspire Limits! No more taking away devices at night, set a bedtime or playtime allowance and Inspire carries out your wishes.

Customer Review:

Must have app!

"This is a totally must have app for parents.

I've been thinking a lot about how to not only limit the time during which my children are playing or surfing the internet but how to fill this time with something useful."

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Inspire Flashcards is a simple & affordable way to stay ahead of the game!

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