Excelling Young Minds

Most of us know children absorb information like sponges and in today's tech world it becomes harder to have a say on the information our children are absorbing. A UCLA biophysicist has stated, "If we teach our children early enough, it will affect the wiring of their brains. The brain provides connections in the cerebral cortex. These connections are strengthened by repetition and those that are not used become vulnerable to elimination."

"The thing that determines which connections are saved is education in the broadest sense of the term," says Dr. Michael Phelps, also a co-inventor of the PET scan.

In other words, Stimulating the mind while enjoying what you love will in fact work!

What can parent's do to help their children's excelling minds? It's simple, ensure your child has a daily routine, rinse & repeat. A strict or leisure home environment is not what we strive to provide. Balance and compromise are two perfect ways to achieve what Dr. Phelps is talking about. Each child has their own wants and needs, by eliminating unwanted ways & adapting to their wants into what you want!

Get it yet? Let me provide an example, Elizabeth loves to chat on social media & Toby is always watching YouTube but Michelle is emailing or texting. How can you help them study other than taking their wants away, right? Not any more!

Inspire Flashcards will deliver what you want over what they want.

Inspire makes stronger connections in your child's mind!

Start Preparing Today!

Cited information obtained here: Kid's Brain Power by Steve Nadia

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